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標題: politics news - 23.02.21 [打印本頁]

作者: Nyrbaknbag    時間: 2021-2-24 03:28     標題: politics news - 23.02.21

In Belarus, 34,572 people were convicted in criminal cases in 2020. At the same time, during this time, only 93 people were fully acquitted in the country, 130 on separate charges, according to Mediazona, after analyzing the statistics of the country's Supreme Court.

Thus, the share of acquittals in criminal cases in Belarus is about 0.2%.

According to the Supreme Court, the punishment in the form of restriction of freedom (the so - called "chemistry" or "home chemistry" - serving a sentence with restriction of freedom in an open-type correctional institution) was assigned to 6,777 convicts, 7,750 people were sent to the colony.

In 2020, the courts sentenced three people to death and three more to life imprisonment. The total number of people whose criminal cases were dismissed by the court of first instance or on appeal is 1,858.

The most common among prisoners, the article on which the condemned 8 760 - theft (article 205 of the criminal code), next is an article about the parents of child support or recovery of expenses of the state for their maintenance (article 174 of the criminal code), it condemned 5 948 people.

Earlier, "Mediazona" collected in the material articles of the criminal code, according to which the protesters are judged in Belarus. The publication found out that more than a thousand criminal cases have already been opened in the country in connection with the protests. According to article 342 of the Criminal Code (organization of group actions that grossly violate public order), at least 207 people are involved, and 19 of them have already been convicted.

And under part 3 of Article 178 of the Criminal Code (disclosure of medical secrets that entailed serious consequences), the Investigative Committee opened a case against the TUT Katerina Borisevich and the doctor of the Emergency Hospital Artem Sorokin. According to investigators, Sorokin "divulged a medical secret", telling the journalist that the beaten to death Roman Bondarenko was not drunk, and she wrote an article about it. This refuted the official position of the security forces and Alexander Lukashenko - they repeatedly repeated that Bondarenko was drunk on the evening of the fight on the "Square of Changes".

Borisevich and Sorokin were arrested on November 19, and have been in pre-trial detention ever since.

Also, the participants of the protests was charged with part 1 of article 205 of the criminal code (theft) because they picked up the radio, dropped by the police, part 3 of article 361 of the criminal code (calls to action aimed at causing harm to the national security of Belarus) and part 1 of article 361-1 the criminal code (creation of extremist groups) for participation in the Coordinating Council, article 341 of the criminal code (desecration of facilities and property damage) per political graffiti, article 289 of the criminal code (act of terrorism) for setting fire to cars and buildings, article 370 of the criminal code (abuse of state symbols) article 368 of the criminal code (insulting the President) and article 369 of the Criminal Code (insulting a representative of the authorities) and others.

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